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Security made accessible, so you can focus on growing your company

Hackers do not discriminate against the size or type of company when they attack.
And we know not every company can afford a fully-staffed security team.
This is where PastelOps has you covered.
It takes one attacker to know another

Our experience in performing security assessments for many organisations taught us the need and skills required to pickup the latest real-life threats that could cripple your company overnight.

Every company is unique

Companies at different stages will have different security concerns. PastelOps recognize this and we set our focus accordingly, hence increasing companies' accessibility to security solutions

Our Capabilities

Professional Services

Want to get started on securing your company but have no idea how to? Building the next big app and would like to listen to a security expert's input?

Talk to us and see how we can help you improve your company's security posture.

Business Meeting

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